Season 3

This is season 3 of Dirilis with Urdu Subtitles. In the previous season, Ertugrul has migrated to Byzantine borders with his trusted people. After the migration, the Kayi tribe have more and tough challenges.

They have more enemies. They are not like Mongols who fight like brave warriors. These enemies are different who are setting traps and playing games. They are something on the face and other from inside. Ertugrul and his fellows confront with a lot of troubles in this season. This season is more interesting than previous one.

A lot of People suffered. Some of the people of Kayi martyred in this Season. Ibn ul Arabi is there to help Ertugrul with his prays. As you have seen in the previous season that Hayma mother has come with Ertugrul at the end when she knows about Guldaaro that he buys the vote of Beys.

Ertugrul has to take care of his tribe people who have trusted him. The first challenge was to give them food. Everybody is worried about their children.

The whole tribe is looking towards Ertugrul as their hope. This season is more thrilling than Season 3 just like season two was more thrilling than Season One. Keep watching this season.

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